Saturday, October 27, 2018

Official Statement on the Tree of Life Synagogue Tragedy

We grieve as one community after the tragedy at the Tree of Life Synagogue here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  You always see it on the news, but you never think it’ll be your city you see in the headlines.  Today, it was our city.

Pittsburgh is a hub of education, technology, and medicine among other things. This hub creates such a diverse population in the city and surrounding areas. This has helped make Pittsburgh an inclusive community, one that accepts all people of all backgrounds.  We at HDIC Productions are proud to be a part of this beautiful city and stand by the value of diversity and inclusion.

The following days and weeks are no doubt going to be challenging for so many in our community, but know you are not alone.  We stand together, we stand as one.  We are Pittsburgh strong.

Sending all of our warm thoughts to those who need it,
Allen Howard
Operations Director, HDIC Productions

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