Friday, May 25, 2018

HDIC Rules: Always Look Up

I’ve talked about many of rules before, such as always shoot in color and integrity before photography.  One of the other rules is “Always Look Up”.  Essentially, make sure to be observant.  If I wasn’t looking up, I would never have found this birds nest:

An American Robin perches on its nest.
This must have been right after the eggs hatched.  I was surprised by how close I could get to the nest without Mama and Papa robin screeching or attacking me (for the record, I was not attacked, and I had no intentions of trying to get them to attack me).

A picture taken with my GoPro, you can see the nest and the birds in the V of the tree.
By the time I was following them regularly, the chicks were already very large.  There were four of them. All very hungry, and all very crowded.

Four robin chicks.
I was fortunate to be around for several feedings, so I got to see some really cool things.

Feeding time for one of the chicks at the nest.
Well, all four birds fledged last week, so the nest is empty now, but it certainly was a fun week or so watching them on a daily basis.

A chick, looking like it was going to fly.
I’m still by the nest pretty frequently, watching it slowly weather away.  For those wondering, the nest was located by the George Westinghouse monument in Schenley Park.

The tree the nest was in, with the Westinghouse pond on the left.
So next time you’re out on the town, remember to look up!

All images copyright 2018 Allen Howard/HDIC Productions

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