Friday, April 27, 2018

For the Glory of Carnegie: Buggy

Every spring, Carnegie Mellon University hosts a carnival for its student, staff, faculty, and alumni.  This festival has all kinds of different activities, many of which I’ll be talking about in future blog posts.  One of the biggest events, though, is called Buggy or Sweepstakes.

A Buggy coming up the final leg of the track.
The idea behind this is simple, build a Buggy, roll it down a hill, and push it back up.  The fastest time wins.  Now, let’s throw into the mix that someone has to be in the Buggy during the race.

A driver inside of the Buggy.
This person, while cramped into the small Buggy is responsible for steering and controlling it at all times, going at a maximum speed of around 35 miles per hour.

A Buggy going through the drop test to test the breaks.
The student groups all scout out campus for the smallest and strongest people to participate on their race day teams.

Three Buggies with the Hill One Pushers
The race day setup is pretty simple, a track on three streets in Schenley Park and on the CMU campus.  The track goes right in front of Phipps Conservatory as well.

A Buggy passes in front of Phipps Conservatory.
Buggy takes place during a two day event.  The first day (Friday) is preliminary races to qualify for the final round on Saturday.  On Saturday, the team with the fastest time wins!

A Buggy heading back up the hill.

Another Buggy as the Hill 2 pusher starts his role.
Even though I was on Pitt’s campus for many years, I never knew anything about Buggy, and let’s just say, I was missing out!  It is a great time with many amazing photo opportunities!

A Buggy crosses the finish line.

All of these images were from the preliminary races.  I’ll be posting more soon of the final races.
All images copyright 2018 Allen Howard/HDIC Productions

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