Friday, February 23, 2018

Record Breaking Heat

This past week, Pittsburgh broke record that stood for over 100 years!  Temperatures were in the mid 70s in February!  The previous record was in the high 60s, but Pittsburgh just creamed that record.  With the increase in temperatures and no precipitation, people flocked outside during this rare moment.

People at “The Cut” at Carnegie Mellon University.
I took the opportunity to use the nice weather to walk around both my current campus (for my job), and my previous campus (my Alma Mater).  People were out and about, hanging out with friends and soaking up the sun.

A drone flying over “The Cut” at Carnegie Mellon University.
Some of the most popular hang out spots outside on these two campuses are “The Cut” and “The Mall” at CMU, two big green spaces in the middle of campus that form an L shape on campus.  At Pitt, there’s less green space “on campus” so to speak, but then again, there really is no campus grounds for Pitt.  One of the big spots to hang out is Schenley Plaza: a green space that used to be a parking lot for Forbes Field, directly across from the Cathedral of Learning.  It now is home multiple restaurants and hosts many events throughout the year.

Schenley Plaza with flower lights and people sitting on the grass.
Another common area for Pitt students to hang out is the lawn of Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall.  This is a memorial hall dedicated to the military members of Allegheny County.  Pitt students may enjoy the museum for free, but anyone may enjoy their lawn.  Often times people will start a Frisbee game or similar.  The lawn also has two cannons and cannon balls that make some cool photo opportunities.

Students hanging out on the lawn of Soldiers and Sailors.
So, next time it’s nice out, get outside and some fresh air instead of staying cooped up inside studying!  You’ll be glad you did!

A squirrel hiding in a tree at CMU.

All images taken in February 2018 at the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh.
All images copyright 2018 Allen Howard/HDIC Productions.

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