Friday, January 12, 2018

Scenic Pittsburgh: When the Rivers Froze

Happy new year everyone!  Sorry I missed last week’s blog post, but I’m back and ready to continue with another installment of Scenic Pittsburgh!

Over the Christmas holiday, Pittsburgh experienced a decent amount of snowfall– enough that we had a “White Christmas” for the first time in many years!

Christmas snowfall, December 2017
What also happened was a very large plummet in temperatures.  I’m talking about temperatures around 0 with wind chills in the negatives (some days up to twenty below).
With the temperatures going down so low for so long, we experienced something that hasn’t happened in probably a few years (at least as far as I can remember it happening)– the three rivers froze!

The Riverquest boat, Explorer, frozen in ice, January 2018
For those of you that don’t know about the history of Pittsburgh, the location for the city was chosen because of the rivers.  The Allegheny to the north, the Monongahela to the south, and then they meet to form the Ohio river, which continues to the Mississippi (We have a nice state park at the point of confluence called Point State Park).

The Point from Mount Washington, January 2018
The rivers are something that is photographed most often in Pittsburgh from any of the wonderful vantage points, see our blog post about Mount Washington.  This past weekend, I spent some time on Mount Washington and on the North Shore photographing the now frozen rivers.  It was a very cold day, but it was well worth wearing multiple pairs of pants and shirts in order to photograph them.

The City of Pittsburgh in view, January 2018

Neville Island and the frozen Ohio river, January 2018

The Allegheny River from the North Shore, January 2018.
Next time you’re in Pittsburgh, take a moment to appreciate some of the views the city has to offer with the majestic three rivers.


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