Friday, November 17, 2017

Scenic Pittsburgh: Brady’s Run Park

About an hour north of Pittsburgh in the next county over, Beaver County, is a park called Brady’s Run Park.  This park plays home to several trails, a lake, several streams, and other standard park amenities such as playgrounds and pavilions.  I went up there a few weeks ago for some photos with as much of an Autumn feeling as possible.

One of the trials at the park, October 2017
The best place that I found to take pictures at the park was the lake.  There were multiple different areas you could go around the lake, and there was one area with a very nice set of trees behind it that allowed for some nice reflection shots.

The lake and reflection, October 2017
A few things you may notice from this photo are: There are ducks in the lake, and there’s a cool windmill.

A closeup of a duck, October 2017

A closeup of the windmill, October 2017
Throughout the trails that go all around the park, they crisscross of streams and go back into the woods.  Some of these have some pretty cool overlooks or bridges over the streams, too.

An overlook of the stream, October 2017
One really cool feature around the park is this waterfall that looks like a dam.  There are many trees and an open field around this location.  Also, there is a nice sturdy block of concrete in the stream that allows for you to be able to step out into the stream for some straight on shots of this waterfall.

The waterfall at Brady’s Run Park, October 2017
So next time you’re in Beaver around the Beaver Falls area, take a detour to visit Brady’s Run Park for a nice walk through nature.  You won’t be disappointed.

Images shot on a either a Canon Rebel t5 or T7i with a variety of lenses and filters.
All images copyright 2017 Allen Howard/HDIC Productions.

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