Friday, October 6, 2017

HDIC Events: MPL Star Party

The entrance to Beechwood Park
Five minutes away from the Monroeville Public Library sits Beechwood Park where on Friday, September 29th, members of the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh in conjunction with the Monroeville Public Library set up telescopes and pointed them to the skies for a night of observations of the Milky Way.


Telescopes set up for the Star Party.
The evening started off with guests looking at one of two very close objects (relatively speaking, of course), the moon and Saturn.  These objects allow for people to realize what kind of power the telescopes have in order to magnify objects.


Saturn as seen through a telescope
After looking at objects within our own solar system, the astronomers moved the telescopes to a few different objects including the ring nebula and a double (red and blue) star.

Throughout the event, while waiting in line for the telescope or while waiting for the telescopes to be lined up, guests spent time trying to locate constellations, mostly in the northern sky.


Cassiopeia the Queen, a constellation in the northern sky. A plane flies through the top left of the shot.
This is the fourth annual Star Party that the Monroeville Public Library has hosted.  In years past, we’ve seen other objects in the sky, including a flyby of the International Space Station.


The International Space Station flies overhead.
Overall, it was a beautiful night underneath some of the most spectacular sights that nature has to offer.  If you’re around the location where a star party is occurring, take a moment to join in and see what you can see!

All images copyright Allen Howard/HDIC Productions. 
Images shot on a variety of cameras including a Canon Rebel t5, Canon Rebel t7i, and an Insignia Point and Shoot.

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